About Nation Extreme Wrestling

Nation Extreme Wrestling is a Vancouver BC based professional wrestling promotion running quarterly shows out of the iconic Commodore Ballroom, and regular events at venues as diverse as Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver Convention Centre, Harbour Convention Centre and more.

Our current champions are Mr Ferguson (World Champ), Taryn From Accounting (Womens Champ), Re:Loaded (Tag Champs), and our new InterCity Championship has yet to be decided. Our record crowd for a wrestling-specific event is 920, at the Commodore.

We exist to provide a safe, accepting, high quality place for wrestlers and wrestling fans to engage, no matter their race, gender, preferences, or culture, and we acknowledge 

We work with wrestlers from all over the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and the world, and rely on the talent, advice, and good work of the Lions Gate Dojo, which has been churning out incredible performers for longer than we’ve been in business.


In the beginning, in 2021, when we were coming out of Covid restrictions and the world needed something to do outside the house, and we hadn’t all gathered in the same place for almost a year, the idea of putting on a wrestling show in Vancouver was considered maybe a little hare-brained. The local wrestling scene had mostly fallen apart even before a pandemic came along, but Rob Fai and Chris Parry decided to try putting on a show – just one show – to see if anyone would show up.

Show up they did. NEW 1 sold out in two hours, and a matinee show, hurriedly scheduled for the same day, sold out in the next 48.

Nation Extreme Wrestling was born.

That debut show, held in a car dealership in Richmond, absolutely blew the roof off, with Speedball Mike Bailey and Artemis Spencer kicking each other to bits, diving through the merch table, and ‘exploring the space’ for a sweaty, bruising, incredible half hour.

As the dust settled and the adrenaline subsided, Rob and Chris quickly decided to put on another, this time at the Vancouver Convention Centre for 3x the crowd of the first show, and NEW was in business.

Today, Nation Extreme Wrestling exists under a mandate to elevate local professional wrestling events so they can be enjoyed by all audiences, and safely performed by talented local professionals, and to ensure the performers on those events are being properly treated and encouraged to be the best athletes they can be.

We want everyone associated with our brand to be proud of the work they do, the person that they are, and the difference they hope to make within our community, and all in the NEW locker room know and understand that everyone is to be treated with respect, acceptance, and encouragement, with no exceptions.  

All are welcome within our promotion. 




Seldom seen in the ring, often in the background, Parry is a veteran journalist and marketing expert who helps public companies tell their stories to an audience of investors, and takes the lead on business operations, marketing, and finance at NEW.

 Parry co-founded NEW in 2021 with radio broadcaster Rob Fai.



An iconic prsence in the ring for years on the Vancouver indie wrestling scene, Plexis isn’t everyone’s cup of Red Bull, but he rules the backstage with an iron fist, a sarcastic tone, and the dulcet tones of Stompa

Plexis is responsible for the operations of every show and keeping the slovenly ringside masses in their place.




A Vancouver sporting media legend, Wyatt regularly keeps the Canucks Army updated through the online pages of The Athletic, every form of social media imaginable, and his award winning interviews at ringside have become international legend.

Nobody has more journalism awards from Belgium in the Vancouver sports market. Also holds a longstanding open bounty of $100 for anyone who can give Evan Rivers a figure-four leg lock around the ring post.



Keeper of the infamaous Nation Extreme Wrestling employee manual, Reed has a long history of working in municipal administration, including on the parks and recreation departments of four BC cities.

He has served in HR for three different insurance companies, two law firms, and the Supercuts hair salon chain, and doesn’t like to talk about the 2016 ‘La-Z-Boy Corporate Team Building incident.’ so don’t ask. It wasn’t his fault.



The purring voice of Justn Morissette is a mainstay of Vancouver sports radio, and he’s been part of the NEW commentary team since our inception.

Known for his ridiculous knowledge of arcane pro wrestling moves that haven’t been performed outside of a Mexican alleyway since 1983, Morissette can also be heard on Sportnet 650 and City News Vancouver.




Mark produces our video content on YouTube, the ROKU app, and Telus TV, and keeps it so those who can’t be at the shows can still feel like they were there.

He’s also a filthy mark for DEFY shows, which is fair.

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