NEW 16: Destruction at Dusk was an Olympic Village sellout

Chris Parry

Thanks all for coming out to our last show, our first co-promotion with Dusk Pro Wrestling at the BMO Theatre in Vancouver’s Olympic Village.

With the help of some marketing from JR County, the show was a sell-out on the night and introduced a whole new crowd to one of the citys newest high tech venues, with a loud crowd getting behind their favourites.

NEW photographer Mark Steffens was on hand to capture the action.


NEW debutant Joey Tran established himself as one to watch with an eye opening effort to take down former NEW champ Travis “The Professional” Williams.

Tran went toe to toe with Trav, laying out some Muay Thai knees and elbows that initially caught the veteran off guard and brought the crowd into the match.

But Trav’s guile eventually ensnared Tran, forcing him to tap out 11 minutes in.

No shame for the rookie in that however, as Williams raised his hand in respect on the way out.

MATCH 2: THE RAIN CITY MACHINE GOBLINS (Liiza Hall and Izzy McQueen) vs RIDE OR DIE (Taryn from Accounting and Steven Crowe)

A rare mixed tag match saw women’s champ Taryn From Accounting and #1 contender Liiza Hall paired up again, this time with their best buds, in an intriguing tilly that let every wrestler show what they’re capable of. Crowe two-stepped his way into the appreciation of the audience and Taryn laid the punches in hard as she always does, but it was McQueen who surprised with goblin-esque ferocity.

Ultimately Hall would get the win, while clearly having a lot more fun than usual, setting up a return between herself and the champ at the Commodore May 10.


Pesky’s having a big run in NEW – not so much in terms of getting the wins, but in terms of winning over fans and racking up penalty minutes.

Pesky got off to a flyer early on, but Abbotsford-raised Ross brought the heat with some old school heel trickery and unrelenting brawling

Debuting at NEW, Dirty Eddie earned his nickname by draping Pesky’s mouth around the ring ropes before giving the rope a solid kick, busting the Rec League Beaut’s yapper wide open and spraying the claret across the ringside floor.

After a series of near pins in both directions, the third period energy from Pesky eventually won out, but his glory was short lived as Evan Rivers, who had been causing problems at ringside throughout, stormed the ring and ragdolled #68, setting up a revenge match in their future.


This match, set up as an impromptu bonus for fans by GM Alex Plexis between match 1 and 2, has been a long time comng, as the two Pacific Northwest icons had never faced each other in battle before.

Matthews got off to an early advantage, tying Ferg in knots on the canvas and seeing him scrambling for a time out.

Ferg’s size didn’t seem to be a struggle for Matthews as she put the big man in several power moves.

Ultimately Ferg’s guile would be the difference maker, and though Matthews came close to taking the title several times, the man from Scott Rd (Surrey side) came up “and stilllll…”


This wasn’t the first time these two titans have tangled, but boy would it have been the best.

Icarus, enjoying a hot streak across North America right now with his new tag buddy Travis Williams, is like a bomb set to go off right from the start of every match, and it took a little time for Spencer to catch up to his energy level.

But when he did, boy howdy, this was a war.

Real talk: Nobody in the building wanted this match to end, setting the scene for a “both these guys” crowd chant.

Ultimately Spencer would defend the belt with his customary spinning star finisher, but not before a quarter hour of high intensity craziness.

MATCH #6: iLLa TRIBE (Coco Flash and Guerilla Suge) vs DOUBLE OVERTIME (Big Rig Jimmy Mitchell and Boogie Knight)

Big Rig and Boogie are the everymen of the tag team world, a team built for the comfort of wide bodied semi trailer sleeping quarters, with the speed and strength of a moving truck.

But man do they know how to get a crowd up.

iLLa Tribe, on the other hand, have the awesoe power of Guerilla Suge and the lightning speed of Coco Flash (and a newfound sense of heelery) that put them on another level, despite moments of greatness from the boys in powder blue.

iLLa would take the win and pronounce themselves the best tag team in the division, insisting it was time for champs Re:Loaded to step aside.

Re:Loaded’s Shareef Morrow, meanwhile, sat quietly in the audience for the match and stared on unemotionally.


To the hallowed cries of “BEEF! BEEF!”, Elliot Tyler returnex to the NEW ring after a long absence, determined to get back to his best and make a run for glory.

In his way, American hot shot, Spencer Scott, who refused to go down easily and help Tyler’s storyline, having been recruited by Tyler arch enemy and managerial genius, Kristopher Kassidy.

Scott made life hard for Tyler with brutal brawling, a bag of dirty tricks, and the attitude of an American waiting in a Canadian customs queue.

Tyler would prevail – just – much to the annoyance of Kassidy. who promptly announced his next import in his quest to kill of Tyler’s return.. The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander, on May 10 at the Commodore.


Sebastian Wolfe is in a bad mood. I mean, always, but ever since he and Miles Deville split their tag team, State of Emergency, right as they were getting international traction, Wolfe has been stomping about and growling like life owes him money and the interest is piling up.

Overlooked for the last NEW show, Wolfe has been pissing all over social media about abandoning Canada, that the US is his new home, and that he doesn’t get respect from promoters.

So here was his chance – beat The Wisemen’s Tony Baroni and earn a title shot against his faction mate and the best heel in the Pacific Northwest, Mr Ferguson.

Wolfe did not hold back in a battle of former NEW tag champions.

Wolfe took it to Baroni early with his typical explosive power, but Baroni went to a new place in defense of his clan brother, causing the War Chief to have to grind one out if he was going to get his title shot on May 10.

With a crowd super hyped for his every move, Wolfe ultimately prevailed, but the gravity of the task of taking Ferg’s belt was felt when the latter stormed the ring post match and beat Wolfe down one more time.

Big thanks to the BMO Theatre for the venue, to the crowd for being noisier than anything the BMO had seen before, to the wrestlers for leaving it all out there (especially in Pesky’s case), and to our ring crew for making it all happen.

Big thanks to Parm Singh Mann at Dusk Pro Wrestling for allowing us into his room and we’ll see you all at the Commodore Ballroom on May 10.

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