From pizza to gold: How Mr Ferguson became the best of the northwest

Chris Parry

When a heel is such a good heel that the fans begrudgingly cheer for them, pro wrestling is at its best.

Tearing up fan signs, spitting beer, stealing hats, insisting that he isn’t Amish roadkill – the Nation Extreme Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Mr Ferguson is chaos unleashed.

But it wasn’t always that way. When NEW was still new, Fergie was the purple lycra hero of the city.

The first time I met Fergie, at NEW 1, he was letting Elliot Tyler ride his back like a pony, while wearing his gold crown, a feather boa, and his signature purple pizza onesie.

It was some introduction,

It was also maybe the straw that broke the camel’s back because the happy mood quickly faded.

With ET and Fergie now at odds, NEW’s first true feud broke out, and quickly shifted to NEW 2 at the Vancouver Convention Centre where both gentlemen.. explored the space.

NEW 3 saw the roster scrambling through a two night tournament to decide the inaugural NEW champ, and guess whcih two were thrown together again..

With the series at 1-1, there was only one way to cap off NEW 4: STREETFIGHT.

With Tyler out of the way, and Evan Rivers taking the World Title in an 9-man Gauntlet match at Nat Bailey Stadium, Ferg set his sights on the strap, with his Wisemen buddies tagging along.

But before he could get to Rivers, he had to fight… the house band?

Fergie wasn’t done. At NEW 12, Rivers agreed to face Fergie AND Artemis Spencer in a fatal three-way for the belt.

Ferg fought two champs AND his suspenders to become champion of the city.

At NEW 13, Ferg chose to take on anyone brave enough to step in the ring, and ‘
‘Just Joe’ took a puff of his asthma inhaler and stood up.

For a minute.

Then it was Cat Power’s turn.

Finally, at NEW 15 this past January, Fergie put an old score down when he faced his legendary former tag team partner as part of Bishy Wishy, the hoss known only as Bishop.

What comes next for the NEW World Heavyweight Champion?

WE AINT SAYING, so you’ll need to be at Vancouver’s Olympic Village for the all-ages NEW/Dusk Pro: Destruction at Dusk show on Friday April 12.

Can Matthews take her second NEW strap?

Or will Ferg contine to bulldoze the entire roster?


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