January 27 Commodore Ballroom show brings a new belt!

Chris Parry

NEW fans looking for their next fix can mark January in their calendars as we look to set up a new champion at the iconic Commodore Ballroom.

We’ve decided the time is right to strike a new belt; the Inter-City Championship.

Locals only! No fly-ins! All genders welcome!

The January 27 show will feature an 8-person one-night tournament with the winner of each 1 vs 1 match in the first round going into a fatal four-way at the end of the night for someone to take home the strap.

The matches as booked:


BC’s living legend, the most decorated, respected wrestler in our lifetimes, Arty Spencer, squares off against the Wrestling Genius, the man with a million holds, who is taking one last run at the title before he hangs up his Chelsea shirts for good. Destined to be a technical battle for the ages, but if anyone can make the man from Maple Ridge say uncle, Makabe is the guy.


The Northern Star brings his neon gas mask back to the Commodore where, last time out, he ended the career of The White Russian, Anton Alexiev, with a bottle to the side of the head. Can the mean mullet do similar against the Sunday league beaut, Nick Pesky? The most feared man in the rec leagues gets his shot in the locals only contest despite having adopted Massachusetts as his home, but despite his Boston Bruins colours, Pesky has become a crowd favourite with fans. Rock ’em sock ’em, tarps off boys!


It’ll be a pity only one of these guys can make the final, because Williams, NEW’s first ever champion, is ripping up the scene all over North America of late, while Ferreira has been ripping up the city with star turns at Boom and All-Star shows. In Williams, The Professional knows every trick in the book. In Ferreira, the crowd will spend more time watching him flying through the air than rolling on the ground. Don’t miss this one.


This wont be the first time the most decorated women’s wrestler in Canada has squared off against Icarus, who she trained at Lions Gate Ddojo for years, but it will be the most important with our new white strapped championship belt on the line. Icarus’ star is definitely rising after he filled the Commodore with a main event against Minoru Suzuki last year, but Matthews has put some miles on the campervan with a big run all over the continent in 2024, so both competitors will never be more ready.


The winner of each match will turn up in the main event to decide who will be our InterCity champ with a four way scramble to choose BC’s best. Don’t miss out!

Also on the card:

TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Re:Loaded vs Royce Isaacs and Alan Angels – The champs wanted big name fly-in challengers, so we’re giving them a pair of beasts. New Japan Strong Isaacs carried El Phantasmo around the outside of the entire ring in a vertical suplex before tossing him into a row of chairs, shoiwing what a monster he is, while Alan Angels is all over your TV as part of TNA’s offerings after a long run in AEW. Careful what you wish for, Jacky and $hareef.

WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH:┬áTaryn From Accounting vs Liiza Hall – The Rain City Stretcher is so due you can feel it, after she battled her sister for months and set aside all challengers on a rolling tour of the US, but TFA has been blasting away at the division herself with a series of wins of her own and has the backing of the local crowd, despite her Alberta roots. It’s going to be closed fists vs technical stretching in a battle for the ages.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Mr Ferguson vs Bishop – These two tore up wrestling rings as a tag team in the days of Bishy Wishy, but since Ferguson took off the pizza onesie and went solo as the man in the hat, he’s terrorized the singles division, and fans of Ska music alike. The final battle between Ferg and Bish has been a LONG time coming, and there are some scores that need to be settled here. Can Bish ride the love of the crowd to a big championship win, or will Mr Ferguson put a Bish sized hole in the ring?

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