Nation Extreme Wrestling 15 tournament results: Arty Spencer takes home gold

Chris Parry

In a packed Commodore Ballroom on January 27, eight of British Columbia’s greatest professional wrestlers met in a tournament to claim the inaugural NEW InterCity title.

The ‘locals only’ belt was contested hotly, culminating in one of the greatest fatal four-ways seen at the iconic Commodore in decades.

The opening round began with four absolute bangers [SPOILERS!]


Match 1 saw former tag champ and infamous midnight marauder, Casey Ferreira, pitted against former heavyweight champ and Wisemen partner, Travis “The Professional” Williams.

The action was insane from the opening bell, with Ferreira spening as much time off the ground as on it.

Ultimately the veteran Williams pulled every trick in the book to get the pin and moved on to the next round, but a lot of new Ferreira fans were forged.


The second match saw the Wrestling Genius, Daniel Makabe, tackle the BC legend, Artemis Spencer, in a sometimes technical, sometimes angry match that may well have been Makabe’s last at the Ballroom as he wraps up his ring career in 2024.

Spencer elevated, and hit the Genius with everything in his arsenal.

Arty had to work hard for it, but took the win in front of a loud crowd.


There’s nobody more over with the Commodore crowd than the Beer League Beaut, Nick Pesky.

Pesky not only managed to get the crowd doing a Mexican Wave, but also laid into The Northern Star, Evan Rivers, with some tarps over the head uppercuts among other highlights.

It was all Pesky early but eventually the former champ powered his way to a finger-up win.

Though he didn’t get gold, few will forget the ovation Pesky received on his way out of the ring. The fans love a grinder.


In a mean contest that at times resembled domestic violence more than grappling, Nicole Matthews and Judas Icarus raised to a whole new level at had the Ballroom roaring.

Close calls abounded, women threatened to storm the ring. and Matthews got the win as Icarus seemed to flirt with the dark side.


That left the finale as:

The action was hot from the outset and didn’t stop for a solid twenty minutes as each contender took the action to the ballroom floor, and even into the bar area.

Williams and Matthews headed for stage left, Rivers and Arty stage right, and the crowd got on its feet and follower.

Eventually Arty would pile up the bodies and come crashing down from the top, taking the win and the belt.

Nicole Williams said it all next day.

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